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Process Module Design: 
Our Highly qualified pipe design staff uses the latest 3D modeling software to recognize problems up front, maximize pre-assembly, and find other cost effective solutions.

Pipe Fabrication:
Patriot offers carbon steel, stainless steel, P11, P22, and grade 91 creep strength enhanced ferritic steel pipe fabrication. 

Process Module Assembly:
Modular construction offers benefits that all industrial contractors can see. From simple pipe racks to complex process modules, we deliver a complete unit that is ready to install at your site. Each module is delivered along with a Quality Assurance Databook, with all records custom cataloged to ensure final alignment with the owners requirements. Our experience will make your next modularized project a success.

Industrial Pipe and Equipment Insulation: 
Whatever the project size, insulation, service, or type of pipe and equipment, we can deliver. Insulation is key to the process, efficiency and longevity of any plant. Project controls, adherence to scope and experienced craftsmanship are the simple yet effective ways that we deliver successful insulation projects.

Removable Blanket Insulation:
Design, fabrication and installation of removable blanket insulation is available for any size project. Our removables have stood the test of time and our pricing is always competitive. Contact us for a quote today.