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In God We Trust


Patriot is committed to safety in our shop, at satellite facilities, and on your jobsite. Our Safety program is OSHA compliant and all employees and subcontractors go through safety orientation and job specific training before starting work. From upper management to all levels of our company, we expect everyone to take an active role in our Patriot Safe Jobsites. Our employees have NEVER had a lost time injury and we will continue our commitment to safety to keep it that way.

Experience, communication, and action are pillars of a Patriot Safe Jobsite. The experience of our leaders allows us to identify hazards well in advance to allow for safety to be in the foundation of our plans. Communication at morning meetings, toolbox talks, informal conversations, and monthly job site meetings are where we identify unique hazards at that time and place. Project managers are in attendance at monthly meetings and are expected to take action on all hazards that are identified by our crews. The concept is simple, but our crew has responded very well to seeing their concerns addressed quickly. The action that we have taken leads to more involved and productive safety meetings. They are not a place where one person talks and everyone listens, rather a place where all ideas are welcome and addressed. We are grateful for our safety conscious crews!

We are proud of our safety record, but will not take it for granted. Patriot Safe Jobsites will always be a work in progress. Our brothers and sisters are counting on all of us to make safety our number one priority.