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About Us

Patriot Modular specializes in industrial modular construction. Our services include all areas of process module and pipe rack project management, design, fabrication, and insulation. We have found our niche in industrial modular construction and pipe fabrication. Our management team has 30+ years of experience in our field. We are able to assist with one or all of these services depending on the project’s needs. We support general contractors, mechanical contractors, design and management firms, and large EPC’s. Whatever your needs are, Patriot can help.

Our pipe fabrication and module assembly shop in Pasadena TX is less than 2 miles from The Port of Houston which allows us to offer shipping of pipe and modules via land or sea. We have also operated satellite module shops in Missouri, Illinois, Utah, and Kansas when the shipping savings made them worthwhile. With our core group of craftsmen and local labor, we are always able to man the projects at a competitive labor rate while saving our client in shipping costs.